PVC Fishing Rod Challenge

Today I try to make a fishing rod out of PVC pipe! Check out zacks channel Music by

River Treasure: Tons Of Fishing Gear, Ray Bans, Liquor And MOAR!

Here is another treasure hunt on the river. No metal detector was used, just swimming around and looking. I find a creepy doll, tons of fishing gear, rings and a perfect camera. I hope you enjoy!

DROPSHOT Guide – The Most Effective Rig In Bass Fishing

An extensive guide to using the dropshot rig to catch largemouth bass.

Check out my favorite drop shot baits and tackle!
1) Roboworm Straight Tail Worm Bait (Aaron’s Magic, 4 1/2-Inch):
2) Gamakatsu Split Shot/Drop Shot Hooks:
3) Eco Pro Tungsten 3/8 -Ounce Pro Drop Shot:
4) Abu Garcia Orra SX Spinning REEL:
5) Abu Garcia Veritas Spinning ROD:

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Big Catfish Caught On A Pen Fishing Rod

I got this pen rod from a friend and wanted to try it out on some big channel catfish in a retention pond. It has 10lb mono on it and I was using hot dog as bait. I’m surprised it didn’t break and it actually held up quite well against a 10+lb catfish. Thanks for watching!

Fishing Tackle Set Up For Pitching To Bass

This is the equipment and tackle that I use for pitching and roll casting to cover. This is a techniques that is highly effective for going down a bank quickly or strategically picking apart a small area to catch bass. Docks, vegetation, stumps, lay down logs, holders, marinas, and standing timber are some examples of what kind of cover the technique is good for. Using texas rigged plastics and small jigs, you can prob the cover more efficiently than you can with a hard bait like a crankbait or spinnerbait.

SPIDER RIGGING For Crappie – How To Rig Up.

Fle Fly fishing lures make fishing more fun. Just tune in and let the folks at Fle Fly share their fishing tips, fishing techniques and fishing secrets with you on these videos. Their fishing video tips will help you catch more fish!

$20 Homemade Fishing Rod Challenge!! (Surprising!) Home Depot!

In this Fishing Challenge I take you guys with me to Home Depot!! Our mission is to buy materials and supplies to Create our own Fishing Rod!
We then put it all together and take our new rod out to test it in the waters and see if we can catch some fish!

Again, I want to thank each and every one of you for the support! At the time of this upload we just passed 57,100! I’m having so much fun making these videos, lets keep this rolling!

Let me know if you guys enjoyed this video and if you’d like to see more like this!

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Fishing was done in Newark, Delaware.

Tight lines.

The Ultimate Guide To Fishing Rods – Which Type Of Rod To Buy And Why

Hello everyone,

This week we have a very informative video for you on how to choose a fishing rod. Often when you go to the store to buy a fishing rod, you can be overwhelmed with all the different types of rods.

In this video we explain the different types of fishing rods and what they are best suited for.

We cover fast tip fishing rods versus a slow tip; medium action, heavy action, and light action rods; as well as the difference between fiberglass fishing rods and graphite rods.

This guide explains things you need to know before you buy a new fishing rod.

As always, good fishin!

Trying My Banggood Backpackers Rod And Reel Amazing Quality

I finally got to try out my new Banggood fishing rod and reel that I got a couple weeks ago. It has been raining quite a bit so the fish were not biting. Finally the fish were out. I could see them on top of the water just lazing around.

I took my new carbon telescopic fishing pole and all metal reel and walked out to the lake on the property to try my luck at catching some dinner.

I had to put some fishing line on the new reel first so I hooked it up to the pole and ran the line through the eyes of the fishing pole. Then I tied one end of the fishing line onto the spool of the reel. All I had to do was secure the spool of fishing line and reel it all in on the fishing reel until it was full. This is the easiest way to get fishing line on a new reel in my opinion.

After tying on a swivel I got to test out my new gear. I am quite impressed with the feel of the backpackers fishing rod. It is a light and sensitive carbon rod. Fully extended it is about 6 feet long but collapses into a short rod that fits nicely into a backpack. The screw on reel mount is all metal and seems like nice quality.

The fishing reel is also all metal and of a very surprising quality considering that it costs less than retail. I think it is the best feeling reel I ever had in my hands.

Another nice thing is that when I am walking from place to place around the lake all I have to do is collapse the telescoping fishing pole and push a button on the side of the fishing reel handle and the handle folds neatly to the side. Like this the combo takes up less space and is easy to carry around or pack away for a hike.

The combo casts nicely and operates very smoothly. The reel is virtually silent and very smooth.

After a couple casts I got a small bass. The rod and reel handled the fish nicely and I got him in with ease. He was too small to keep so I let him go for another day.

A few more casts got me some nibbles but I did not land anything. It has been raining so much that the fish are not really hungry although I can see them hanging out at the top of the water.

I will do some more fishing with this set later on after we have had a couple days with no rain and see what I can catch.

I love this new set though and would highly recommend it to others. The retail price on the telescopic fishing rod is only .99 and the reel is under .

This fishing rod would be perfect for anyone who is into hiking, backpacking, camping or survival. Because it comes with a nice top protector you can toss it into your backpack or the trunk of your car without fear of breaking off the tip. The folding handle on the reel is also very convenient. The quality of both means that it will last for many years and you can rely on them.

I have put the links to them below for anyone that may be interested.

Thank you very much Banggood for an awesome back packing fishing rod and reel.

Tested and reviewed by Techman at The Do It Yourself World

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